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We are about to depart for France for two weeks and Doug and I are adamant about not checking any luggage when we travel.  When we have to check I get anxiety waiting for the bags to come out, ( if they come out ), and basically I just want to get off the plane and go.

So what's a fashionista in need of several outfits a day to do?   It can be quite daunting, however I have mastered the art of the carryon pack, and I am going to share what's in my suitcase with you.  It's a process that starts with my choice of carryons ( yes two ), however if you have a handbag, leave enough room in one carryon, as you are only allowed two total.

It's a good idea to lay your clothes out in categories...ex. workout, dinner, etc., then you can see everything you wish to bring and eliminate some things that may not be necessary.  I keep in mind that I will have laundry done while away, and I typically buy something as I go.  Packing very neat avoids unwanted wrinkles and keeping things in categories helps if you need to go into your bag to find something. I put shoes at bottom and go from there, remember if you don't think you absolutely need it... leave it.

I unpack as soon as I get to my destination, as this lets the clothes hang out any unwanted wrinkles.

Au revoir!


This is one of the lightest bags EVER. The brand is Lipault. Great on small planes where weight may be a problem.

My Clothes

My Shoes

Sometimes you just need to go chic.

Good to go!

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