Best Roast Chicken... Ever


I love to cook, however , full disclosure I am not a trained chef, far from it,  I just think cooking is a creative outlet, meditative, and  I love to eat, and to feed people.  But I believe in staying healthy and for me that is being ( for the most part )Paleo.  Healthy, delicious home cooking is what I am about. That says roast chicken to me.  It smells great, like home, and is the perfect meal in any season.  I roast mine with some veggies and make a simple green salad ( from my garden of course).... what can be better?  That's rhetorical.

Here is my recipe :

Pre heat your oven at 450 for about 15 minutes.

Take a cast iron skillet and spray or drizzle olive oil.

 Organic whole chicken... Whole Foods sells Mary's Organic Chicken

I take room temperature butter( you can use goat butter too ) and roll it in some Herbs De Provence. I am talking 2 pats here. There is herbed butter that can be bought and used as well.

Take your fingers and insert them ( gently ) between the skin and breast and put the pat of butter on either side. 

Now take the Herbs De Provence ( that you bought on my shop ) which can also be mixed with the Special Viande Blanche, ( also on my shop ), and dry rub it all over the chicken, noting you may have already massaged some high quality olive oil on your bird.

Take some FRESH Rosemary springs and insert them into bird as well as some cut up onion.

Put chicken in skillet breast side down. I cook it this way the first 45 minutes as the juices run down and keep the breasts moist.... moist is good.b Then turn it the last 15-20 minutes.



Around the chicken I like the rest of the cut onion, some baby carrots as well as mushrooms, any type or a variety will do. Sprinkle some of the herbs and olive oil on veggies and into oven it goes.

 Lower the oven to 350-375.. you know your oven. Cook for 1 hour...Approx. Juice should be running clear... You should feel that bird is ready.



Take out , let sit for a few minutes and cut it up on a beautiful platter with the veggies around it.





  • gregg

    This chicken really is the BEST! very savory, healthy and delicious. Thank you Marni

  • Twila

    Great Blog! Photos are great and easy to read/follow, Enjoyed myself here!

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