Hail To The Clog...

We are spending a week up in the valley with our dogs, as we have many events to go to and want to be responsible wine drinkers.  As well we have many restaurants we love, and some we want to try for the first time.

We are in Solvang and had dinner last night at our friend David's restaurant Cecco, it was brilliant . Farmers market salad with peaches...yum.

 As well we had the clams with a perfect broth, and the chicken was moist and succulent.  

Today I walked around, Solvang proper, and unless you want a pair of clogs or a Danish Bakery item (no offense to either just not my cup of latte) there's not much shopping for moi.... However just a teensy bit out of town I found a gem.

They had some great finds and the woman that runs/owns the shop is very gracious which is always a plus. I left some coin behind.

We ate dinner at The Hadsten House Bistro, where we were treated lovely, and the food was impressive.  Rory really knows her wines!  They brought out an amuse bouche of soup, which we were told had no cream or butter and is vegetable based, yet it was as creamy and thick as any dairy based soup I have had. I asked the chef his secret.... It's still his secret.             The asparagus with an egg on top with slivered almonds was cooked with the bit of crunch still in the veggie, just how I like it.

We then went for a drink at The Landsby bar... Mad & Vin which is fairly new. It is tres chic for Solvang, and we enjoyed an appetizer and some cocktails as well as fun banter with the bartender. Definitely a place to check out when in town.

Today I am having lunch at the Margerum Winery with two very well known winemakers!

Next stop Santa Ynez!






  • Meridith

    The creamy texture is steamed and pureed cauliflower

  • Rene

    Great Blog!

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