We had some time this weekend, and decided to tackle making duck confit.  It's a project that takes several days.   Doug had gotten 16 duck legs and an entire package of duck fat from his duck farmer friend.   Apparently you need to have a large quantity of fat in order to make confit. I don't like to think about fat, much less see it and knowingly cook with it but here goes...


Chop fat into very small pieces.

Put fat in heavy bottomed pot.

Cook on low flame allowing fat to melt.

Filter fat through sieve and cheesecloth, any remaining fat  can be cooked for cracklings.  Just in case you are in need of some!

Store overnight in refrigerator.

In the morning the fat is white and solidified.  All I am thinking looking at it is, what is going to stick to my body after I ingest it, and how many more hours am I going to need to work out.

Now cook the legs.


Dry Rub:

Salt   approx.  2T

Pepper  approx. 1T

Bay Leaves    2

Dry Thyme approx.  1T

Mix together, coat duck legs.


Cook duck:

Heat oven to 350.

Put the coated duck legs in the roasting pan with the rendered fat.

Cook legs about 2-2/12 hours.

Let cool. Keep stored in refrigerator in fat... it can last ( they say months ) in the fat.

Who knew fat was a preservative, maybe I should rub some on my face.

The next day you can start making meals with the duck.



Duck Salad with Grilled Oranges:

Put oven on broil.

Take 3 of the duck legs out of the rendered fat but leave some coating it.

Put in small roasting pan and literally put in broiler for about 3 minutes. ( remember the duck legs are already cooked, now we are just melting the fat and crisping the duck. )

Take duck legs out and let cool.


 Preheat your grill.

Spray grill heavily with olive oil.

About 5 oranges, peeled and cut into thick slices.  I cut the peel off, this way the pith is off as well.

Put on grill and turn in about one minute, then remove.

1 large red pepper sliced

Brush olive oil on pepper to coat it, put on grill about 4 minutes each side.



In a fabulous salad bowl put mixed baby greens, thinly sliced cucumbers, grilled oranges, sliced red pepper, and shred the duck legs.

A nice Balsamic dressing goes well with this dish.

It was delicious!



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