Achromatic color is a "color without color ", it is composed of a mixture of all frequencies of light.

 I love white, all shades of it and find it looks beautiful when used to decorate a home. 

When curating an all white or primarily white room , there are definitely some things to consider.  The use of pattern and texture for instance will make a room more visually interesting. Using texture and a pop of color also keeps the room from feeling cold and minimalist, (unless that is the look you want), I would still say use texture.

 Use pops of color with accessories....pillows, throws, and rugs are good choices.  This makes it visually more interesting and easy to change if you get bored with it.

Layering diffrent shades of whites, creams, greys , in varying textures gives depth and interest to a room. Different shades of white can work together in a room in harmony as well as provide a calming atmosphere.


Thomas O'Brian (bath)

 When  painting your walls take the time to choose the "right" white.  Buy sample cans of paint and paint a big enough area on walls that you can see how light reflects it at different times of the day.  Remember that light will reflect differently in each room.

Psychologists say  people attribute different feelings and emotions for colors, for me white is calming, peaceful, clean and fresh.   What do you think?



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