Vinaigre Blanc

You know the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and how her father is obsessed with using windex for everything?  Well that's how I am with white vinegar...and it works!   Nothing fancy here, we are talking about distilled white vinegar. The photos are the brands I happen to have in my home right now, I am not loyal to any particular one.

There are so many uses for it, it's endless.   My consistent use of it started many years ago as a cleaning aid ( neurotic neat freak here ) but I now use it for much more .  Hint, the largest organ in the body.

Vinegar is about 5% acetic acid, the acid that kills bacteria and viruses.

You may already know to put it in your dishwaher to clean it out, and get rid of any odors, I use it the same way in my washing machine.  It's great to wipe your kitchen countertops with, mixed with water, you can put it in a spray bottle.  It's also good for tile or stone floors. I keep a spray bottle available as well to spray my yoga mats with after class.  Don't forget to do both sides of the mat. 

I buy the industrial size and refill the smaller bottles with it.

Now here is a fact that you may not know...

Many years ago my dermatologist turned me onto using it for my face, and I have done so ever since. I keep a Fiji bottle of water in my bathroom to wipe my face with after washing.  Here is what you do. Take a 500 mL size bottle of water, take out about 2 tablespoons of the water and replace with white vinegar, use it as you would a toner.

I was also recently told it is good to put on stings.

Early on Doug thought it was just a bottle of Fiji and took a sip.....he now swipes his face with it instead.





  • Nina

    Love the natural stuff! And cheap! ?

  • Benedicte

    I’ve always used white distilled vinegar to clean windows but never my face. Thanks for the tip. Love your blog

  • debra

    Awesome post Marni! I have been thinking about using Vinegar for cleaning but wasn’t sure it actually worked. I am definitely going to take your advice and use it for everything now. The less chemicals in my house the better! Thanks for all the useful info!

  • rene

    great blog!

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