New York State of Mind

We just got back from my old hood, well not exactly, we tend to stay downtown and I lived  uptown, but apples and oranges or whatever they say.

I am always being asked if I miss New York, and the true answer is I do................ but I don't.  Here's the thing, New York is a phenomenal city,  living there taught me so much, I love the energy, the resilience , and the beauty of it.  Being at the forefront of so much culture is a wonderful thing.  It's quick pace is exciting, and in my blood.

Fashion, food, art, skyline, it's got it all, and I am and was so proud to be a New Yorker, even when it was sad. 

The east coast has a lot to offer and then.... there is the winter.   I am not a fan of cold, especially months of it, hence the move to Cali.  I love calling Santa Barbara home now, but truth be told I love to travel, and will take any opportunity I can to visit New York. 

Here are a FEW of my NYC things to do and see .....and I mean A FEW...

 Central Park!

 Bergdorf Goodman!


Meatpacking District!

Whitney Museum downtown!

Street Fashion / People watching

Loved it since the day it opened!

This list can go on and on, especially when it comes to restaurants and shopping, but the best thing to do is walk everywhere and discover this incredible city.

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