Gobble Gobble and Compromise

Thanksgiving is soon upon us.  Deep breath, and smile.  Truth be told it is my favorite holiday being solely based around food and all.

 I have a friend that loves to cook. It was always her pleasure to cook the entire meal  and invite her friends whom she considers her chosen family,  also people that were not with their families, people who didn't like to cook , and people who were just hungry, it always proved to be an interesting table.  A beautifully set table that is as that is her way, she has amazing taste.

Life, it is ever changing and full of compromises.  My friend is now married to someone that loves cooking as much as she does, which means they have to navigate the preparation of the meal, he has a large family he needs to make his own compromises for, and so Thanksgiving does not look the same for her.  Still a beautifully set table, did I mention she has amazing taste?


Thanksgiving menu: loose version

2 Ten Pound  Turkey's ... why 2 you ask?... Doug thinks for a large crowd there will be more white and dark meat evenly.  I don't disagree,. Season and roll pats of butter in mixed herbs and put between skin and breast. Onions carrots fresh herbs in cavity.  Roast and baste continuously.

Baked Sweet Potatoes... Bake them cut them in half, take the potato out of shell whip it and put back in shell, pat of butter ( can be goat ) 1 teaspoon creme Fraiche, 1/2 teaspoon chopped chives.

Spinach with mixed mushroom on a onions.   In a pan heat olive oil , toss in chosen onions, when translucent add mushrooms, state for about 7 minutes, add spinach, put lid on pan, for about 5 minutes, uncover add salt and pepper.

Cranberry Sauce with oranges and smashed walnuts.

Stuffing TBD... trying something paleo.

Mixed baby greens with toasted pine nuts and cranberries, thinly sliced cucumber, lightly shaved parmigiana , vinaigrette dressing.

Mushroom dressing. Saute mushrooms and onions in olive oil and some butter. When turkey is done scrape the pan, put through a sieve and mix juices with mushrooms and onions. You can also add cream, and a dap of flour to thicken.

Pie , have someone else make or get from farmers market. Unless you like to bake, I sometimes do but not if I am making the meal.

 I usually post recipes after I have prepared  them and have taken pictures throughout the process.  Clearly this is not the case , I will post after T-DAY.

Back to compromises... my friend is extremely happy these days,  and thankful for the person she shares her life with which is what Thanksgiving is really about. I am thankful for her strength and ability to see that compromise is a good thing, to have her in my life.

Her table , will always be beautifully set,  as interesting?... there are 364 other days of the year.  What are you thankful for??




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