Bali High

Bali has been on my list of places to go for many years. This year I finally made it there.  You know how sometimes you imagine something to be a certain way and then get disappointed because reality didn't match fantasy,...that didn't happen. The only negative was not spending enough time there. The people are warm, the food is fabulous, it is clean, and there is a peacefulness to it all.

We started in Ubud at The Viceroy Hotel ( not affiliated with the Viceroy Hotel here). It was a beautiful spot and our indoor/ outdoor room was gorgeous. Who would not love this bathroom, and the products were great as well.

Our Bathroom

While there we did a lot of relaxing, sightseeing, shopping, hiking, eating, and did I mention relaxing? We unplugged, literally. This is a hard ( terrifying for some ) thing to do, but it needs to be done once in a while.

John Hardy Showroom

Hand Printing Fabric

Hiking Mount Batur which is an active volcano was amazing although I thought our guide was going to throw up when he finally made it to the top. I had to leave him in the dust as he was too slow. He also wanted to stop and pray along the way, I think he was praying I would get tired.  Doug kept him company while I got my workout in. It was a beautiful sight seeing the sun come up along the way, then when at top seeing the steam come out of the lava rocks.  Also while at the top I made some friends, and  we just monkeyed around.

Sun Rise
View from Mount Batur

How you feel after unplugging

Next we were off to the beach, we stayed at The Oberoi in Seminyak.
It was lovely and had the coolest beach club next door Ku De Ta.

Ku De Ta
New Dress

Next time I think we will rent a house and go for about three weeks not including travel time. I brought back some great things from there and they are available on the SHOP.




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